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The process

The core attributes of our approach are effectively and efficiently performing the certification procedures. This requires effective planning and open communication with your organization throughout the entire engagement and particularly during the audit and reporting phase.



We have efficiently set up our audit process by using industry best practice methods.



Performing effective certification audits by always assign the best audit team to the assignment.

Quality guaranteerd

choosing for certicus

Our approach is focused on delivering quality throughout the entire process and is subject to our quality standards. Our services focus on the project management leading to an ISO Management System.


Project management

Overall support for the certification procedures of an ISO management system, including support on integrated project planning and total management of the engagement.


Readiness assessment

Performing a walkthrough (pre-audit) focused on identifying possible issues that may arise during the audit. This pre-audit will be part of the quality assessment of your organization.



Providing support in the documentation

of the identified controls and assist in

improving existing processes and

process descriptions within your

organization if necessary.

Our work flow

Our mission is to efficiently perform the certification procedures whilst minimizing the disruption of your operational processes. In our approach, the certification process consists of five phases resulting in the ISO 27001 or ISO 9001 certification for your organization.

Phase 01.

Scoping & pre-audit

The scope for the audit will be prepared based on the risk assessment, the prepared management policies and discussions. Applicable documentation for the final audit will be requested from relevant employees within the organization and audit files are prepared.

Phase 02.

Planning & preparation

De audit planning and interviews with employees are discussed during the planning phase. Based on the planning an audit plan is prepared including a timeline and specific milestones. This audit plan is discussed with and approved by management.

Phase 03.

Testing activities

Fieldwork contains of gathering all necessary evidence based on the audit plan. Based on the gathered evidence a documentation review is performed. Furthermore, the management system is reviewed and observed by interviewing key personnel.

Phase 04.


Based on the audit procedures an extensive analysis is performed in order to determine the operating effectiveness of the implemented management system. Additional audit procedures will be performed if necessary based on identified gaps.

Phase 05.


During the reporting phase, a management letter will be prepared including nature, timing and scope of the audit, the audit results, conclusion and recommendations. The ISO certificate will be issued if the audit has been performed successfully in case of a certification or recertification.



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